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Arctic centred

GMO: the pointless label

When it comes to arguing about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) there is a big obstacle: the name GMOs describes things ranging from bacteria producing human insulin to super-sized salmons. General …

Homo Frankenthalensis ready to take revenge on the world (Modified fron Neandethal museum)

Can scientists clone a Neanderthal?

Is it possible to clone a Neanderthal? In theory, maybe. Last year the scientific community was outraged when the Daily Mail published an article claiming that George Church, from Harvard, …

Figure 1: Types of stem cells, their origin, and kinds of cells they can generate.

Italy’s health minister authorises unproven stem cell treatments for children

Last March, Italy’s health minister authorised the use of unproven “stem cell therapy” for “compassionate” treatment of terminally ill patients. Italy will not only allow the unproved treatments to proceed …

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