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Dr Jonas Salk, developer of the first safe and effective vaccine for polio. Before Dr Salk’s vaccine polio was one of the most frightening diseases in the world, having a child mortality rate of 2 to 5%. Salk did not become rich because of his invention; he decided not to patent it. When asked why he didn’t patent his invention Salk replied “Would you patent the sun?”
Jonas Salk and Alert Sabin (creator of an alternative vaccine) saved millions of lifes and prevented immeasurable suffering.

Vaccines: 60 years of conspiracy theories

She grew up in a farm in Northeastern  Argentina, one of the country’s poorest regions. She had a tough life; she went to school for 2 years, then she was …

"The dose makes the poison” Already in the 16th century
Educated people knew this truth

Chemophobia and the anti-science hordes

  A band of spoiled brats is waging jihad against science. Its victim is the public and -as it happens in war- most casualties will be poor folk without the …

Karl Popper:
“A theory in the empirical sciences can and should be scrutinized by decisive experiments”

Science is based on evidence not opinion

Not long ago, a new technology that could revolutionise stem cells-based therapies was in the news. The reporting may have escaped many but the media was not to blame; this …

Snake Oil

Organic food does not protect against cancer. And why should it?!

    There are many valid reasons to consume organic food; protection against cancer is not one of them. A recent article in the British Journal of Cancer (the official …

Going for a run after work? You can skip the “organic” from the organic chicken breast you will have later

Organic food, health and ABC1 living

Most of us know that people who eat a balanced diet, exercise and have disposable income live longer. This may sound unfair to unemployed coach-potatoes but it is a blessing …


Science is based on evidence not authority

The triumphs of science have provided its practitioners with an aura of respect*. Many people would have problems describing what the job of a scientist is. However, if someone can …


A guide to detecting bogus scientific journals

Following on a previous post discussing how bogus magazines pretending to be scientific journals can affect the judgement of non-specialists, a brief 5 steps method to pin-point dubious publications is …

ratonera + queso

Scientific journals: The risks of a free meal.

  Funding bodies in the US and the UK are pressing scientists to publish their research in open access journals (1). Open access journals are free for readers. The reason …

Flies at the rotten apple

Science is more than a collection of experiments: on the benefits of organically grown food

  For some people the definition of science is closely linked to the application of what they call “the scientific method”*; a number of them even fail to notice that …

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