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City of London at twilight

Can markets erode moral values?

They can -claims a recent experimental article published in Science Magazine (1). Armin Falk and Nora Szech from University of Bonn studied the effects of markets on moral values and …


A guide to detecting bogus scientific journals

Following on a previous post discussing how bogus magazines pretending to be scientific journals can affect the judgement of non-specialists, a brief 5 steps method to pin-point dubious publications is …

animal testing

Animal rights activist sneaks into animal facility

  If you are one of mother earth’s warriors who think that humans are just a burden to this planet and less worthy than cockroaches, then this post is not …

Steam locomotive and one waggon

Snow: thermodynamic literacy and barbarism

  I like very much to consider myself an educated person who is able to talk about any cultural subject, like some kind of 19th century gentleman -with the gentleman …


The scientific literacy problem

   Not long ago, after being accused of trying to “clone a Neanderthal”(1), geneticist George Church suggested in an interview that it was time for society to give some thought …

John Locke

Science help us to plan our future: “The End of History Illusion”

  An article appearing in Science Magazine, “The End of History Illusion” by Quoidbach, Gilbert, and Wilson (1), inspired me to write this post; I believe it somehow connects with …

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