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animal testing

Animal rights activist sneaks into animal facility

  If you are one of mother earth’s warriors who think that humans are just a burden to this planet and less worthy than cockroaches, then this post is not …


The scientific literacy problem

   Not long ago, after being accused of trying to “clone a Neanderthal”(1), geneticist George Church suggested in an interview that it was time for society to give some thought …

Greek coin depicting Aristotle

How a patent was missed out and millions of pounds lost: The monoclonal antibodies’ story

  Do scientists care about making money? Aristotle tells a very pleasant story about Thales*: Thales was tired of businessmen looking down on him for his poverty; according to them …


Genetically modified foods, health risks, and the European Food Safety Authority

  It feels odd to be prizing a European agency in this age of Euro-scepticism. But I believe that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and its advisors deserve recognition. …

Basic science is a big investment: how do we measure its returns?

Basic science consumes vast amounts of public funding. Therefore, it is necessary to identify promising research, research that can provide good returns. The gains from applied research are evident but …

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