I am a Molecular Biologist working in biomedical sciences. I am interested in all aspects of science and technology, from basic research to commercialisation. Above all, I’m interested in science as a tool for improving standards of living.Lab1

During my PhD I studied the effects of toxic heavy metals on sex hormones. After obtaining my PhD I worked at Imperial College London, specialising in the molecular mechanisms controlling the expression of metabolic genes. Currently I work at Queen Mary’s University of Lodon using genetic engineering to produce patient-derived induced-Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) in order to model complex endocrine diseases.

In addition to my scientific interests I enjoy classical history and literature. I believe that science is the only source of definite knowledge about the world but that there are many things of great importance that science cannot tell us. Therefore, I am also interested in philosophy.

By and large I am fond of English liberal philosophy. I detest romanticism and cultural relativism. I believe that cultural relativism is an opiate for well-fed hedonistic westerners and that it is inimical to social sanity. Junkies and dealers of cultural relativism are very active trying to deceive Yeatspeople into the belief that science is wrong or bad or, more generally, both. Unfortunately, most scientists are too busy or are too shy to point out the naked stupidity of their detractors. In this blog, I invest a good proportion of my free time trying to communicate science to non-scientists and non-science to scientists living in a test tube.


Ariel Poliandri


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