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DNA helix, biochemical  background with defocused strands, eps10

Why I am not too worried about companies patenting genes

  A gene patent is a dodgy concept; genes can’t be patented –that’s right– natural genes can’t be patented; they simply cannot be patented. An analogy will serve as an …

City of London at twilight

Can markets erode moral values?

They can -claims a recent experimental article published in Science Magazine (1). Armin Falk and Nora Szech from University of Bonn studied the effects of markets on moral values and …


A guide to detecting bogus scientific journals

Following on a previous post discussing how bogus magazines pretending to be scientific journals can affect the judgement of non-specialists, a brief 5 steps method to pin-point dubious publications is …

ratonera + queso

Scientific journals: The risks of a free meal.

  Funding bodies in the US and the UK are pressing scientists to publish their research in open access journals (1). Open access journals are free for readers. The reason …

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