Monthly Archives: January 2013

Flies at the rotten apple

Science is more than a collection of experiments: on the benefits of organically grown food

  For some people the definition of science is closely linked to the application of what they call “the scientific method”*; a number of them even fail to notice that …

John Locke

Science help us to plan our future: “The End of History Illusion”

  An article appearing in Science Magazine, “The End of History Illusion” by Quoidbach, Gilbert, and Wilson (1), inspired me to write this post; I believe it somehow connects with …

Greek coin depicting Aristotle

How a patent was missed out and millions of pounds lost: The monoclonal antibodies’ story

  Do scientists care about making money? Aristotle tells a very pleasant story about Thales*: Thales was tired of businessmen looking down on him for his poverty; according to them …

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